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Branches Pregnancy Resource Center has served the women and families of our community since 1985.  We are a faith based organization and a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  All of our funding comes from local individuals, businesses, churches and charities who wish to support the families we serve.  We receive no state or federal funding or grants.  As a non-profit, we are not in this “business” for financial gain but for well being of our community.  Our doors stay open and our services are offered only because of generous donations from caring financial partners. 

All of our services are free of charge because we believe every person making decisions about their pregnancy deserves to have information and support so that they can make the best decision for their pregnancy.  And we are committed to empowering families, because strong families make strong communities.

Branches PRC is a pregnancy resource center, meaning we have information, resources and referrals to share with our clients.  We are not a medical facility and do not have any medical services.  We do not offer or refer for pregnancy terminations. 

We do have pregnancy tests, parenting classes, free baby and maternity items and more.  See our full list of services here.  We would love to help you on your journey.  



Branches Pregnancy Resource Center works hard to ensure we have the best staff to serve you. All our team members truly care about our community and families. And we look forward to meeting you!

Available Position: Executive Director

Executive Director, Branches Pregnancy Resource Center…Brattleboro, Vermont

Branches PRC is currently seeking an Executive Director to join our team.  The ministry of Branches PRC focuses on protecting the unborn and equipping moms and dads through support and parenting education.  The ideal candidate is an individual who is a strong believer committed to growing and serving Christ while also being active in their local church and community.    The Executive Director leads an organization that is making a positive impact on families in the Brattleboro area.  The Executive Director oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization, including managing finances, staff, volunteers and the facility.  The director ensures that programs are high quality.  The director also provides leadership, direction, and support to the board of directors in developing a strategic plan and organization goals, attaining/allocating and managing resources and establishing policies.    While not essential, an understanding of the culture of northern New England will be helpful.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Administrative
  • Strategic Planning
  • Supervision/Training/Evaluation
  • Development & Public Relations

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To Apply: send Cover Letter and Resume to: 

Additional information:

Executive Director – Job Description

Branches Statement of Faith

Branches Employment Application

Margie Donaldson, Client Services Manager

Margie joined the center in 2018 to come alongside and encourage other women in our area. This desire was formed through overcoming the many challenges and difficulties she has faced in her own life. After years of serving women at her church, Margie discovered it is her joy to help others who are confronted with their own challenges. This joy is realized through working with a team who helps others and points them to greater hope and strength to overcome their own difficulties. Margie has two adult sons, her bachelor’s degree in Psychology/Christian Counseling, and lives in West Chesterfield, NH, where she enjoys being out in nature, hiking, photography, and artistic painting.

Gail Veenema, Parenting Instructor

Gail has had a heart for this center for many years before joining the volunteer staff in 2015, after retiring. She is passionate about family and parenting. The struggles of growing up with an alcoholic father taught her about facing life’s challenges and she now shares those lessons with the moms we serve. Gail is able to share many life lessons she has learned during more than 45 years of marriage and raising kids. She and her husband live in Dummerston and have 3 adult children and 9 grandchildren.

David LeBlanc, Fatherhood Parenting Instructor

David joined the volunteer staff in 2016 to lead the center’s outreach to men. His passion is to share with men about real fatherhood and to help them reach their God-given potential. David knows the struggles of fatherhood well, as he, with his wonderful wife, are raising 3 amazing girls, who he describes as “the joy of my life”. David runs his own business and serves as assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel in Townshend. His role as a husband and father are important to him, as well as his faith and helping others.

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