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Annual Fundraising Banquet 2019

We are SO excited for this year’s Annual Fundraising Banquet!!!!!  We are bringing in a very special speaker who has such a powerful story.  And she’s connected to a recent Christian movie.  Hint, Hint.  Any guesses????

For more information and to register, click here to visit our event page.

More info to come soon and we’ll let you know once registration opens.

 2019 Baby Bottle Campaign

Thank you SO much to all who filled a bottle or donated online to our Blessings in a Bottle Campaign!!!!  At this point (towards the end of July) the campaign has raised $15,416.23!!!!  It all adds up.  All your giving, in turn, becomes blessings to the families we serve.  

Thank You!

We still have almost 300 baby bottles that have not been returned yet.  If you have one please bring it to the center or to your church liaison.  You can help us beat last years campaign!!!  (And save us the expense of purchasing new bottles next year).  Thanks!

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