Have you ever wondered what other people are thinking about you? Have you ever let those thoughts keep you from doing something you would enjoy? Or keep you from walking into the Pregnancy Resource Center in town? If so, please keep reading…this month’s blog post is for you! It’s written from the perspective of the Client Advocate. The person who walks with you through your pregnancy test appointment.

This just might have been what she was thinking…

            It was a typical workday at the Center…which really means that it was anything but typical. Walking into work each day, we never really know what to expect. We can’t predict who will be in need, who will call or walk through the door, or when. We just know that we have hearts that yearn to help. Each of us here at Branches has a level of compassion and care for every person that we interact with…without judgement. We have this compassion partly because of our own personal journeys and experiences. 

            When a young woman comes into the Center for a pregnancy test, our hearts are immediately engaged. Before us is another heart in need. We don’t know your story. We don’t know what happened to bring you through our front door. All we know is that you came to us for help and that is exactly what we desire to do! So, do you want to know what the Client Advocate might be thinking about you, the young woman who needs a quiet, safe, confidential place to learn if she is pregnant or not?

She just might be reminding herself… 

  1. “Be present and engaged.” We want to acknowledge you. We want to listen to you and hear about what you’re going through. This is your appointment and we are here for you.
  2. “Speak truth lovingly.” We want to hear your questions and present you with the facts you can use to make the best decision possible for yourself. The only advice we have is to encourage you to make the choice that resonates with your heart.
  3. “Show her that in this moment, she is the most important person in the room.” Yes, that’s right. We do what we do because we want you to know that you are valuable, cherished, and special. And we want to make sure you are treated that way. No matter what is going on in your life. No matter what has happened to bring you into our Center. 

 There is no shame…

          When a person is in need, there is no room for shame. Everyone needs help from time to time. We all need someone to talk to. Someone to seek counsel from. Someone willing to walk with us through whatever challenges we face. Here at Branches we have an entire team of women dedicated to be that person for you.

            So, “What was that Client Advocate thinking?” She might have been thinking, “I remember when I was in this situation. I was so afraid and convinced I was all alone.” She may have been thinking, “I remember my mother telling me about how she became pregnant with me and how confused and uncertain she was.” Perhaps she was thinking, “the only thing that matters to me right now, is that this young woman knows that we are here for her. We are on her side.”

We’re not only willing and able to help you, we are committed to help you walk through this journey, come what may!